I kicked sugar, cheese, wine, gluten and coffee to the curb!

When I made the decision I wanted to have a baby I took many steps towards making that possible.  Sure, I could dream up a child in mind as much as I wanted, but I did have some obstacles to overcome.

Yes, we know my number one issue was not having access to sperm.  Besides that wee, itty, bitty detail, the next was really honing in on my overall health and wellness.

Even though I’m considered a really healthy eater, I did take it up a notch.  I eliminated ALL the fun stuff from my diet.  Which to be honest was really easy for me but for others, it can be a drastic and painful overhaul.

Here’s what got cut:

All processed sugar and sweeteners.

Let’s face it: sugar is sugar. Whether it’s raw honey loaded with enzymes or high fructose corn syrup, it’s still creating this pattern of sugar spike and crash in our blood. For these two weeks, all of it is out. Even the non-caloric sugar substitutes, no matter how natural they may be. Why? Because there is some evidence  showing that even the taste of sweet, no matter how non-caloric or low-glycemic it is, causes a spike in insulin even in the absence of a spike in blood sugar. I couldn’t risk ruining my chances so it got the boot.


Bread, cereals, pasta, crackers and porridge.  Grains are a starch, and starches break down very quickly into blood glucose, creating that very same sugar spike we are avoiding in this baby making mission. Yes, this even means whole grains. with all that fibre break down into blood sugar quickly.


Yup, it was a dry time. Alcohol (all alcohol) is just another form of sugar. Enough said.


When I think of dairy doing its thing in my digetive tract and beyond, I can’t help but conjure up images of sticky slime and thick gooey mud. Dairy is mucus forming which can slow down and halt the sperm so they have little chance of making it to the egg alive. 


Even though there aren’t any conclusive studies proving the negative effects of caffeine and conception, some studies assessing the impact of caffeine on fertility have shown that it can prolong the time to pregnancy. As I was fighting with the bio clock already, I couldn’t have another thing slowing me down.  So it got side lined.