Angels on the sly

The BIG question is why?

What possesses a man to think it’s okay to donate sperm to random women and not disclose this information to his life partner? Someone he currently rolls into bed with, spoons at night and happily raises his children with!

With so many women searching for sperm donors these days, there are going to be a stack of smack in the mix – Guys who aren’t naturally donning white wings and haloes.

Some men feel they don’t need to share this information with their other halves as they truly don’t feel it’s in their best interests to know. They can’t be arsed to ask for permission or explain their donating desires. They believe it’s their body fluid, therefore, it’s their decision where it goes. Which doesn’t seem so evil when they do actually bring joy into homes opposed to watching it swirl down the loo.

They believe what their wives don’t know won’t hurt them and if they do ever find out, it’s easier to say sorry than put themselves into a firing line of interrogation or landing on a condemnation chopping board.

Some guys like the sly feelz. It makes them well, feel alive. It’s sneaky but it’s for a good cause so how bad could it really be? They’re ultimately deceitful, shady characters offering up deceitful, shady sperm. They can even have little compassion for their desperate ladies at home nagging them for a baby. He may have her believe their issue is infertility but in reality, he’d rather shoot some hoops in another woman’s yard near or far away.

What makes these men’s motives and actions utterly deplorable is the disrespect of all parties now and in the future.

Some known donors might let it slip while conversing with a potential recipient why they’re working it on the down-low and it should be a red flag for women to run. Unfortunately, anonymous donors who donate to clinics may be able to get away with not revealing their whole story which will only become a problem 18 years down the track when they get that ‘hello’ email in their inboxes. Or much, much sooner thanks to DNA kits.

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Pic credit: Pixabay