Desperately Seeking Semen

I didn’t just birth one beautiful baby last year – I also birthed a paper one too! I was able to do both these things thanks to my fabulous known Sperm Donor whom I met on the internet. My memoir ‘Desperately Seeking Semen – My Rogue Route to Solo Motherhood’ is available in Australia here or through Amazon and other online bookstores.

I’m VERY excited share my sperm donor story and offer some insight into how I navigated my way down this daunting path after I was deemed medically infertile by a fertility clinic. I hope my words offer some comfort if you’re already on this journey, a supportive hand to let you know that you’re definitely not alone in doing this or perhaps lift the lid on what it’s all about especially if you, or someone you know, is sitting on the fence about it.

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Book Synopsis

Flying high at thirty thousand feet in the air, all Hayley could think about was how she needed thirty thousand tails injected into her and only two feet in the air. She was on her way to Melbourne to meet Mr Stork her sperm donor in the flesh whom she had found on Facebook. This trip was a stark contrast, or should I say, a stork contrast, from her plane ride back to Australia after she broke up with Ian. He was the guy that held onto her during her rapidly depreciating final fertile years. He was the one who was supposed to put a ring on it. Instead, he gifted her the middle finger as she rolled towards middle aged. This is when she completely came undone.

She had been living in Los Angeles feeding her entrepreneurial spirit with grandiose thoughts and a lifestyle vision that was so sweet even Michelin Star chefs wanted to taste it. Completely absorbed in her Hollywood bubble, she failed to acknowledge the looming biological deadline creeping up on her. Living in a place where botox and big dreams turn back time and every man is a Peter Pan, ageing drifted through time just as each hour slid by sipping the next cocktail at another fancy rooftop bar. It was a young girl’s dream. However, she was no longer one. Approaching 40, she knew she was in deep caca with the ticking hands of the biological clock. So she set off on a quest to have a baby solo.

While on her quest to secure sperm she looks back at all the possibilities as to how she ended up single. A series of failed relationships, the belief it was always just going to happen and how both nature and nurture played a role in her winding up on her own.

The disappointment and confusion after the third failed IUI set her off to get creative and find another pregnancy solution. Thank you Dr Google! He helped her stumble onto the IVF underbelly – The internets known donor factory. Once she worked up the courage to click away it didn’t take long for her to connect with a bunch of qualified sperm donors who were assisting women for free.

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"As a 40-year-old career woman, I also found myself newly single after too many Mr Wrongs and fertility literally ticking away. I can totally relate to Hayley’s story and take great strength from it. DSS is a funny, emotional, informative and honest read that importantly reassured me that it’s actually "okay” to be a single mum, it’s okay to do it on my own if I have to. After feeling somewhat ashamed about not finding the right guy "in time", choosing a donor path if needs be is totally acceptable, and I thank Hayley for changing mindsets by sharing her story!"


"I couldn’t put your book down! You have a gift with your sharing of information....
DSS was a Funny, “Warts and All” memoir that will make an incredible difference for all those women/families out there seeking semen. Kudos to you!"

Heather (97 years old!)

"It's so wonderful"

About the Author

Hi!! I’m Hayley and yes I really, really did do this. It was a two-year journey that began off the heel of a broken relationship that included IUI failures, dating disasters, a tonne of self-doubt and hitting emotional roadblocks. For some reason though, every failure and curveball didn’t push me off path. I found it kept me on one. Mine.

In a blink of an eye I turned 41 and still had an absolute desire to keep moving forward on my mission to become a mother, so I carved out my own successful “rogue” route. I’m now proud to add ‘Mum’ to my long list of lifetime job titles which range from waitress to TV producer, thanks to the generosity of my donor whom I found on the internet.

I’m also thrilled to add ‘Author’ to my resume alongside my mummy title this year too!

As this was a phenomenal journey full of twists and turns I decided to not only write a few articles in a blog but share EVERYTHING in a book. My original plan was to jot down all the nitty-gritty in an ebook too but having written 40,000 words in two weeks, I knew my story and everything I learned along the way needed many more blank pages.

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