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It only occurred to me today having spoken to a couple of women keen to find out more about my rogue route, that I should share where I found my wonderful ‘Mr Stork’. While I did jump on a few donor sites when I first started looking I actually found one Facebook Group to be the best.

The Facebook Group I used is Sperm Donation Australia. If you do a search you will likely see two. The only one I recommend is the one where Adam Hooper who is based in Perth is the admin. He has managed this group for a handful of years now and runs it with the upmost respect and decorum. He’s created a wonderful community and there is a tonne of support here as well as many men willing to help others out. I promise you’ll feel comfortable here!

Adam had helped a handful of families out over the years and has created a safe space for both donors and recipients.

Please join SDA at this addy:

All the best and lots of baby dust to you!

Hayley x

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