Where to find swimmers?

It only occured to me waaaaay too far down the rogue babymaking track that there would be others keen to hitch a similar ride too.

While I did jump on a few donor sites and Facebook Groups there was only one at the time that I felt was so far above the rest.  Since then, there are a few other groups that cut the mustard too.

As this whole journey is very near and dear to my heart I’ve started building my very own ‘Conception Connections’ site and would LOVE to assist you there.

It’s set to have EVERYTHING that these other sites and groups don’t have and I’ll be right alongside you.  I’ve even started a private Facebook Group too so we can all huddle together when and if one of our own needs it.

So hop on over to KBUTI so I can support and guide you on your very intimate and personal parenthood journey.

Hope you’ll join me,

Hayley Hx